1930 Maybach Zeppelin

The Maybach name is one that holds a storied history among automotive marques. Long before its revival as a senior marque to Mercedes Benz, the Maybach name stood prominent on the largest and most luxurious vehicles to come from Germany.

The Maybach Zeppelin, produced from 1929 to 1933, served as the marque’s flagship model. Referred by its “zeppelin” badge in the center of the grille, possibly in honor of the company’s historic production of zeppelin engines before and during the World War I era, this vehicle represented one of the top vehicles that well-heeled owners could purchase on the European continent at that time.

Maybach never used the “Zeppelin” name as the official model designation. Instead, versions of the Zeppelin were known as the “DS7” and “DS8.” The DS7 offered its owners a 7.0-liter V12 engine that produced 150 horsepower. The DS8, introduced in 1930, increased the displacement of the V12 engine by an entire liter, giving the engine 200 horsepower. Both vehicles were offered in a variety of different coachworks, as was customary of the times. The Maybach Zeppelin could be found in a four-door sedan or convertible configuration, in most cases.

The Maybach Zeppelin is a timeless classic, serving as a perfect snapshot of extraordinary handbuilt luxury and opulence during its time. The revival of the Maybach name has spurred interest in these and other original Maybachs, reaffirming their status as classic collectibles worth admiring and owning. As with most classic vehicles of this era, few examples remain, but those that do are lovingly restored and meticulously maintained by collectors and fans.

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Maybach 57 S Edition 125

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Daimler, the Maybach 57 S Edition 125 is the perfect car for the job. With a sleek design style, which presents the driver with exquisite interior and exterior design, and the perfect style to turn heads on any road. There are several features which have been added to the 125th anniversary car, which drivers will love, and which can be seen from a mile away by onlookers. So, although the car will cost you at least $375,000 back, if you want to celebrate a classic, and want that exquisite look not all drivers get, this is the car to purchase.

Some of the great highlights are contour lighting, a laser engraved light motif which features the double-M in a curved triangle, which has been specifically placed on the front armrest. The special edition also allows customers to select specific features including saloon painted special colors Tahiti Blac/ Patagonia Silver laser light engraved motif on the front armrest (customers can select the color option). Additionally, the glove compartment lid is embroidered with the signature of Maybach, has a silver top-stitching, a trim in silver carbon fiber lacquer, the matte black 20 inch wheels, and the radiator grille, make this car stand out in a crowd.

The interior also has an elevated bonnet, which gives a sharp definition in the contouring of the gear shifts, and all dashboard features. the restyled bumper also gives the vehicle a broader exterior look. The new exterior mirrors are also more aerodynamic, making for less road noise while driving at higher speeds. The interior offers no lack of quality or luxury. With a completely remodeled, all leather interior, digital GPS, voice recognition, and the addition of Swarovski crystals, on several of the design elements, make the Maybach 57 S Edition 125 a car all Maybach lovers will want to purchase.


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Maybach 57

The Maybach 57 is the picture of luxury and comfort, a top of the line automobile that will seat up to five people with ease. The 57 is synonymous with elegance with its leather interior, wood finishing for the ultimate atmosphere, and a two-toned or single-toned, according to customer preference, for added polish and appeal. More than just another pretty car, the Maybach 57 has what it takes under the hood and as a foundation for excellence in performance. The engine has an awesome 12 cylinders, keeping it humming with powerful acceleration. With its Sensotronic brakes control system, braking with precision and effective delivery at exactly the time it is needed. You’ll have smooth handling and a smoother ride. The suspension is amazing, with Airmatic dual control air suspension with air springs and the ability to adjust the spring rate. This means you’ll practically feel like you aren’t moving at all, your ride is so comfortable. See far into the night with xenon gas discharge headlamps. Additional features include a sunroof to let the day pour in, the Parktronic system to assist you in parking, and excellent safety measures such as airbags and three-point seat belts.

The Maybach 57 not only carries its passengers in style, it takes them to their destination with their safety as a top priority. Enjoy the convenience of key-less entry and starting as well as the added advantage of climate control for the front and back seat. You’ll also have the best in technology with radio, a DVD player, a navigation system, and telephone. When it comes to feeling refreshed, a refrigerator and champagne flutes are standard options of excellence. The Maybach 57 is set apart from the competition, taking you to the next level in driving pleasure and satisfaction.

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