Lexus LF-CC

The Lexus LF-CC made its debut at the Paris Auto Show in 2012. Lead designer on this project, Takeshi Tanabe, claims this concept is not just a thing of beauty, it “represents a new era of Lexus design and products.”

In keeping with the current L-Finesse design of Lexus, the LF-CC fits right in with a few very handsome modifications. Starting with the grille, Lexus has made the LF-CC unique with what they call the spindle design. In any case, the grille is huge; spanning from just under the hood to the bottom lip of the vehicle. Moving to the headlamps, you’ll see three separate LED bulbs on each side, each encased in its own crystal sphere. Absent is the normal one-piece headlight cover.

From the side, the LF-CC is enhanced with lines. The sporty appearance has lines that increase in height until they reach around to the taillights. Speaking of taillights, each light looks like it is split up with a series of check marks, which is actually indicative of the ’L’ logo. The car is dressed with a sleek titanium paint, which enhances the sleek lines of the vehicle.

Inside this vehicle is nothing but the best. Lexus has outfitted the interior with what they call the HMI, which stands for Human Machine Interface technology. The driver will see a dash that is divided into two different zones: the upper display zone that has multiple displays in a location that’s easy to see when you only have time to glance at the dash. The lower section is called the operation zone. This area has the shift lever as well as other features that allow for remote system control.

Under the hood the LF-CC boasts a 2.5L full hybrid powertrain. There’s a 4-cylinder petrol-powered engine coupled with the water-cooled magnet electric motor. The drive system also contains a generator and power device split that focuses power to the area that it is most needed. This new powertrain is expected to appear in the new Lexus models in the near future.

Lexus LF-CC Photos