1992 Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar produced the fastest machine ever made at the time when they released the XJ220. This vehicle was as slick as it was fast. The Jaguar held a turbo charged V6 engine with 549 horse power. The incredible engine was capable of reaching a maximum speed of 217 miles per hour.

The 1992 Jaguar XJ220 was envisioned by a team of engineers who desired to produce a faster vehicle than any Porsche or Ferrari that was available at the time. The XJ220 had a simplified concept of a sleek and light weight two passenger vehicle capable of reaching enormous speeds.

Jaguar released a concept car in 1988 of the mid engine XJ220. In 1992, Jaguar released the finalized version of the powerful vehicle. Jaguar produced the car in England until 1994 when production ceased. Only 278 of the Jaguar XJ220’s were built ensuring the legacy of this vehicle forever. The recession of the 1990’s resulted with only 200 of these vehicles being sold especially considering a price tag of more than $740,000.

Twenty years later, the Jaguar XJ220 stills holds the 7th place for the fastest car ever built. The XJ220 set the standard for fast cars with spacious and comfortable interiors.

Jaguar XK120

For classic car lovers, the Jaguar XK120 is a classic sports car, which the Jaguar company produced from 1948 through 1954, and made only about 12,000 of the cars during the production period. The Jaguar XK120 also marks the first sports car that wasmade by the manufacturer, since the previous SS 100 model, which was last produced in 1940. The Jaguar XK120 also had a successor model car, which was the XK140 model. The first time the Jaguar XK120 was released was during the London Motor Show in 1948, which was showcasing the new Jaguar XK engine; the 120 which is in the car’s name, is in reference to the 120 MPH speeds it can attain, which at that period of time, and during the launch of the Jaguar XK120, was the fastest sports car to hit the auto industry.

The Jaguar XK120 comes in three model styles. It could be purchased either as a 2- seater roadster, a 2- seat coupe, or a 2- seat drop head coupe style, and featured an FR layout. It’s engine offered 3.4L XK. The Jaguar XK120 also had a deluxe model, which was known as the DHC, and it featuredwind-up windows, it also had wood-veneer dashboard, which was something rare for the time period. The roadster model, which was the original, was also placed to the test on the racing circuit, and proved to be a successful car for racing as well. It ran its first race in 1949 in the Silverstone Circuit in England, and took a first place victory. The roadster also raced during the 1951, 52, and 54 years as well, producing various records and wins, for the manufacturer and drivers.

Although no longer produced, the Jaguar XK120 still holds the mark as the first record setting roadster for the Jaguar manufacturer.

Jaguar C-X16

Jaguar has released a new concept for a hybrid sports car; two terms that no one ever thought would be combined, but it appears there will be several in the near future. This Jaguar is known as the C-X16 and features a V6 petrol engine, which produces a cool 375 horsepower. However, this is not the only device used to power the coupe, because Jaguar added an electric engine. The C-X16 has a body that is constructed solely from aluminum, which makes it fairly lightweight, at just 3,500 pounds, making it the lightest vehicle produced by Jaguar since the 1950s.

The┬áC-X16 is also extremely fast and nimble, with a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of close to 190 miles per hour. Now, people may think that the top speed is really not that fast, but they should consider that the car will likely be substantially cheaper than the super-cars that can exceed the 200 miles per hour mark. This Jaguar closely resembles a Porsche, so they may be taking over the market in the near future, considering their brand’s reputation. This should be an exciting venture for Jaguar fans when the vehicle hits the market.