2013 SSC Tuatara featuring 1-piece carbon fiber wheels by Carbon Revolution

The 2013 Tuatara by SSC will be retrofitted with the same carbon fiber wheels as its predecessor, the Aero. The CR-9 carbon fiber wheels are at least 50 percent lighter than traditional aluminum wheels which means an increase in the total amount of horsepower. The company that produces these wheels, Carbon Revolution, are innovators of this one-piece wheel.

Outfitting the ultra-fast 2013 SSC Tuatara with one-piece carbon fiber wheels only makes sense. The decreased weight of carbon fiber wheels is like increasing the total horsepower, although the Tuatara doesn’t really need more with 1,350 horses stock. Other benefits of these wheels are a better feeling suspension and increased braking power. Braking is important in this car that is said to reach a maximum speed that’s 7 miles per hour faster than the fastest production car available today. Carbon fiber wheels give the driver enhanced steering ability and the reduction in unsprung mass will increase shock tuning which ultimately gives the car better grip to the road, especially in the corners.

The one-piece carbon fiber technology of these wheels means improved durability in comparison to traditional wheels. Carbon Revolution has strict standards for all of their wheels and uses Finite Element Analysis to ensure each wheel meets or exceeds these standards in the areas of weight, stiffness, vibration and durability.