1956 BMW Isetta 300

BMW started producing the BMW Isetta 300 in the mid 1950’s. People did not drive the long distances as they do today and BMW recognized a need for a single cylinder vehicle for transportation. This vehicle was a vast departure from BMW’s normal vehicles but went on to become the world’s best selling single cylinder engine. The Isetta realized total sales of nearly 162,000 before production was halted in 1962.

1956 BMW Isetta 300 shape was designed to resemble an egg and was quickly termed a “bubble car”. The specifications were outstanding for this tiny car at a time when most vehicles were very large. The 1956 BMW Isetta 300 received 63 mpg and touted a four speed transmission. The Isetta could reach speeds of 53 mph and was equipped with a gas tank that only held 3.4 gallons of gas. The BMW Isetta 300 barely exceeded seven feet in length and four feet in height with a small wheel base of 58 inches.

The micro BMW Isetta 300 was equipped with only a sun roof and small winglike windows that were able to be used. The front of the vehicle opened up for passengers to get into the vehicle instead of standard doors. The BMW Isetta 300 originally sold for a little more than $1,000 and if one is able to be found today, a collector will pay upwards of $15,000 depending on the vehicle’s condition.

1956 BMW Isetta 300 Gallery