2012 Ferrari 458 Italia China Special Edition

Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition

Ferrari has made a bold statement to commemorate their 20th year in China. An extremely limited edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia is being released to celebrate the company’s success in the country. Twenty of the cars will be available for purchase. The Ferrari 458 Italia is world renown for its beauty and speed with an incredible 35 awards won around the globe.

The “2012 Ferrari 458 Italia China Special Edition” boasts an massive eight cylinder engine. The limited edition car will be “Marco Polo” red that is available only for this car. Decked out with a gold dragon on the hood and gold rimmed tires the red and gold is set off with black racing stripes down the side of the sports car. China has long considered a dragon to offer good luck and fortune and with 2012 being the year of the dragon, it is a fitting Chinese tribute.

Each one of the cars will have specialized start buttons with simplified Chinese characters. A inset dash plaque denoting the special edition will be added to each one of the 20 cars. A beautiful leather interior and handling that Ferrari is known for in their vehicles is a given in the 458 Italia. The price has not been released.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long Edition

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long Edition

An exclusive, one of a kind Bugatti is being released for the Beijing 2012 auto show. Showcasing and celebrating the Year of the Dragon, this car is magnificent.

Bugatti’s Wei Long 2012 is a take on the company’s Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport and was specifically made just for China. This one of a kind car and boasts an almost 2.1 million dollar price tag. The eight liter engine is backed with a 987 HP output power and will reach a top speed of roughly 230 miles per hour.

Bugatti Wei Long is a two door open top sports machine with a white exterior and plush red interior leather seats. The floor mats are pure red silk and the luxury continues throughout the entire vehicle. Dragons are the forefront of the vehicle with over 20 imprints of a dragon featured within the cars design. A porcelain dragon is embossed on the fuel tank cap. A special silk embroidered dragon is located on the head rest. The whole car is Bugatti’s tribute to the Year of the Dragon in China.

This exclusive vehicle will be available for purchase at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Bugatti Veyron Wei Long edition is luxury, speed, and beauty with a price tag to match.