1935 Auburn Supercharged Cabriolet

The 1935-36 Auburn Supercharged Cabriolet is arguably one of the most desirable and drivable cars of the Classic Era. The redesign accomplished by Gordon Buehrig were the hit of the 1935 Auto Salons. Their Art Deco styling and streamlined appearance give the cars an unmatched among their peers. The art deco styling was imagined by Gordon Buehrig an was the talk of the Auto Salons in the mid 1930’s.  These cars have it all-a fully synchronized gearbox- dual ratio rear end-Powerful supercharged straight 8 Lycoming engine- 3 position top- outside exhaust, and of course drop dead styling by the legendary Gordon Buehrig. Actually the cabriolet is rarer than the Speedster- only 40 or so were built and around 25 are known to have survived, these cars are the next best thing to a Speedster and you can actually take along some passengers and some luggage. Auburns are bulletproof mechanically, and drive like a modern car. You will have no problem on interstate highways- you can drive 70 MPH all day long.