2008 Bentley Continental GT Zagato

The 2008 Bentley Continental GT Zagato takes the Continental GT one step further. A culmination of the classic Continental GT Speed and the unique designs of Zagato, only nine of these super-sleek vehicles were produced. Zagato was required to overcome many obstacles with this Bentley in order to maintain the basic functioning of the high-quality Bentley Continental GT.

The most noticeable enhancements on the GT Zagato, also named the GTZ, are the changes to the body lines, a very prominent front fender and double-bubble roof. The rear-end of the vehicle is rounded as well, with a sportier taillight configuration. In addition to the body enhancements, the 2008 Bentley Continental GT Zagato got a brand new paint design. The body enhancements are further pronounced with a two-tone paint that’s complete with hand painted pin-stripes, which complement the interior of the vehicle.

One of the most common features in a vehicle that has been worked over by Zagato is a noticeable weight difference. This isn’t true with the heavy Continental GT conversion. The stock 2008 Bentley Continental GT weighs in at 2350 kg, while the GTZ only loses 100 kg. While this is a significant amount of weight, it’s not the type of weight decrease that normally accompanies a Zagato work-over.