1992 Ferrari 348 TS

1992 Ferrari 348 TS

When you think of performance vehicles, Ferrari is a manufacturer that is most always at the top of anyone’s list. The 1992 Ferrari 348 ts features a 2-door targa style body with rear wheel drive and a 5 speed manual transmission. This baby accelerates from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and from 0-100 in just under 6 seconds. The 348 ts achieves a top rated speed of 170 mph. This is a blistering pace for a modern sports car.

Measuring in at 166 inches from front to rear the Ferrari 348 ts has a wheelbase of 96.5 inches. It is rated with an estimated driving distance of 415 miles per tank. Though not rated as a fuel efficiency car, this machine would be a valuable asset to any automobile collection.

Featuring a Ferrari Dino V8 Tipo F19 engine with indirect injection and natural aspiration, the 348 maximizes performance. The Bosch Motronic 2.5 DOHC helps to attain a 296 HP rating with 238 ft-pd of torque. When you are behind the wheel, you can feel the power surging through.

With a longitudinal placement, the engine, transmission, and rear suspension were contained in a tube that is removable and sports a rear sub-frame. Other innovative additions to the Ferrari 348 include a centrally located fuel tank, double-redundant anti-lock breaks, and optional traction control.

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1992 Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar produced the fastest machine ever made at the time when they released the XJ220. This vehicle was as slick as it was fast. The Jaguar held a turbo charged V6 engine with 549 horse power. The incredible engine was capable of reaching a maximum speed of 217 miles per hour.

The 1992 Jaguar XJ220 was envisioned by a team of engineers who desired to produce a faster vehicle than any Porsche or Ferrari that was available at the time. The XJ220 had a simplified concept of a sleek and light weight two passenger vehicle capable of reaching enormous speeds.

Jaguar released a concept car in 1988 of the mid engine XJ220. In 1992, Jaguar released the finalized version of the powerful vehicle. Jaguar produced the car in England until 1994 when production ceased. Only 278 of the Jaguar XJ220’s were built ensuring the legacy of this vehicle forever. The recession of the 1990’s resulted with only 200 of these vehicles being sold especially considering a price tag of more than $740,000.

Twenty years later, the Jaguar XJ220 stills holds the 7th place for the fastest car ever built. The XJ220 set the standard for fast cars with spacious and comfortable interiors.

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