1911 Ford Model-T Torpedo Runabout

The Ford Model-T Torpedo Runabout was first introduced in 1911. It featured a 20 horsepower, 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, 4 stroke engine with a 3 3/4 inch bore. They ranged in price from $645 unequipped to $725 fully equipped. Only 7,845 were produced that year. This was also the first year that Ford stopped using the all wooden body style and began using steel-paneled bodies on a wooden frame. There were two different models of the Runabout built; the Open Runabout and the Torpedo Runabout. Both models featured longer, curved fenders, longer hoods, longer steering columns, and lower seats. They came with a top, an automatic brass windshield, a speedometer, a tubular horn, and a tool kit. The Torpedo Runabout came with two doors, as opposed to the Open Runabout which had no doors. In 1911, the Model-T’s were given revised brass radiators and new wheels. During this model year, changes were also made to the engine. Exposed valves were replaced with valve chambers which were cast into the block. Steel doors were added to provide easier access for adjusting the valves. Ford also began using cast-iron rear axles and front axles with spindles and separate steering arms. The Runabouts came equipped with brass, gasoline powered headlamps and kerosene side and tail lamps. They featured round, rear deck mounted fuel tanks which held 16 gallons of fuel. That was six more gallons than the touring cars. The Ford Model-T Torpedo Runabout is considered to be the first sports car.