1908 REO Runabout

1908 marked the 4th year of production of the REO Motor Car Co. After selling all interests in Oldsmobile in 1904 after irreconcilable squabbles with Oldsmobile management, Ransom Eli Olds used his initials to label his new company. Olds began producing motor cars starting in 1905 with two cylinder vehicles, and later that year Olds introduced the single cylinder REO ‘Runabout.’  Labeled the ‘Model B,’ this inexpensive alternative to the two cylinder ‘Model A’ REO was nearly half the cost of its more powerful sibling, and retailed (FOB Lansing, Michigan) for $650.00, and an upcharge of $25 was added for the fold down rear seat, popularly called the ‘mother-in-law-seat.’

1908 REO Runabout Photos