1962 Porsche 356 Cabriolet

The Porsche 356 was the initial production vehicle of the world-renowned automobile manufacturer. This rear-wheel drive, two-door sports car has a rear-mounted engine and agile handling characteristics. Original models used a combination of Porsche and Volkswagen parts. By the end of the car’s production run it was all Porsche. The 356 came in both hard and soft top configurations. In mid-1962, the 356B model incorporated the unique design changes of the T6 body. The result is the birth of the Porsche roadster. After making its debut at the 1961 Frankfurt Auto Show, the first sales of the total number of 1600 cabriolets built were in April 1962.

Building upon its speedster heritage, the 1962 Porsche 356 Cabriolet incorporated improved handling and a more comfortable, refined ride into the already sparkling performance of earlier 356 models. The chrome-framed windshield coupled with the different doors, rear cowling and top combined to create a sportier look and feel, the ultimate version of the 356 Roadster. When powered by the Super 90 engine, you have one of the fastest and most powerful 356 ever built.

The 356B is often under appreciated by collectors when compared to the A and C variants, but the B model is classic Porsche. The 1962 356 Cabriolet incorporates thoughtful and functional design, mechanical robustness, high-quality, value and reliability, the tried and true hallmarks of Porsche.

The 1962 Porsche 356 Cabriolet is honed to a racers edge. It pays homage to its lineage while providing an excellent open-road driving experience.

1962 Porsche 356 Cabriolet Photos

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