For those who have been awaiting the new roadster from Ferrari, the new 599-based 2011 Ferrari SA APERTA roadster’s photos have been released. The car which is set to debut at the Paris Auto Show, is said to have been built to celebrate the 80th anniversary for the company’s long time partner, Pininfarina, which is the design firm behind all the luxury and style of the Ferrari name. The SA in the car’s name refers to Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, who are the patriarchs of the family business. The term Aperta is Italian, based on Ferrari’s roots, and means open.

The Ferrari SA APERTA is also going to convert from a coupe style of the 599, to a convertible style, which the Ferrari company claims is the other major reason behind the new design and release of the Aperta. In order to make the convertible style possible, the company had to create a shorter windshield glass, and an integrated roll over protection had to be placed behind the head rests, in order to support the new design, and in order for the car to be safe, and drivable at top speeds, which is what most Ferrari owners are looking to get with the purchase. The chassis structure was also redesigned to offer more stiffness, and the company claims that weight gained to the car is going to be minimal. The car will also feature an emergency, rainstorm- only roof, which is similar to that of the Porsche Boxster Spyder series.

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