Aston Martin Zagato

The Aston Martin Zagato is back, which is great news for Aston Martin fanatics. However, this is not the same car it was during the 1986 to 1990 model years, which featured a V8 that only produced 430 horsepower. The new Zagato begins by adding a 6.0 liter V12, with 48 valves, which produces a monstrous 510 horsepower. If that does not sound like anything special, people should consider some of the other statistics. The Zagato is capable of reaching speeds of 190 miles per hour and it can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just over four seconds. The transmission is a front-mid layout, which allows for better weight distribution. This ride features a six-speed manual transmission, so drivers will be able to feel even more like a race car driver.

The Zagato seats four passengers and each of them have a leather bucket, race-inspired seat, which will hold everyone in their seat. The front seats in ,this model, are heated, which will allow the driver and passenger to warm-up, while they wait for the light to turn green. The Zagato rolls down the road on 19 inch forged aluminum alloy wheels, an exclusive wheel to the Zagato, which are mounted inside of the Pirelli P Corsa tires. Inside of the car, people will find a variety of hand stitched, Zagato emblems. There are four color choices, which include black, green, orange and red. This is one car that acts as mean as it looks. The car is set to retail for close to $290,000.

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